Miss Moxie “Moxie-Baby” had a very big day! Our awesome go-to surgeon Dr. Carlos Clavijo at Bayview Animal Hospital Farmington and Layton once again took care of one of RMDR’s dachshunds in need, making room in his schedule to prioritize little Moxie.

❤️‍🩹 Moxie had the VERY LARGE 1.5 lb mammary tumor removed today. We’ve heard it described as grapefruit, softball, cantaloupe sized–a little more than 10% of her body weight.–this along with some other smaller tumors. The big tumor is being sent off to test it for cancer. (Side Note: The tumor was impeding her ability to sit, walk and eliminate; her urine couldn’t clear the massive tumor.)

🦷 Our brave girl also had her dental and 25 of her 42 teeth were extracted. She was diagnosed with stage(s) 4, 5 periodontal disease.

❤️ Moxie is set to heal for the next couple of months, from today’s procedures. Then she will go back to Bayview for her spay surgery. Today was a huge step for this sweet little piebald girl in getting back on her feet.

🌙✨ She’s on schedule with her antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, et al and is all tucked in for the night with her foster-family and doggo-foster siblings, to begin healing from her very big day.

🐾 Thank you so much for the donations and supportive comments! It makes it easier to have you on the rescue journey with us! If you would like to help cover the veterinary bills for Moxie and other rescued dachshunds, please consider making a gift/donation. (Thank you to those of you donating your coffee/soda money too! Everything helps these sweethearts–we see you and really appreciate you helping the dachshunds in need!)

Her vet bill for today totaled: $2,441.48 https://rockymountaindachshundrescue.com/donate/

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