Rainbow Bridge

The Peaceful Meadow

Our Dachshunds & Doggos Remembered

Welcome to the Peaceful Meadow. When our dachshunds, our very best furry friends, cross the rainbow bridge there are no words for the sorrow and loss we feel. However, if we can remember the happy times the bittersweet can shift towards happy, fond memories! This “Peaceful Meadow” is a spot for dachshunds and our doggos remembered.

Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue volunteers, adopters, administration and other doxie friends may have had to say goodbye to their dachshund friends over time. This is a page of understanding and remembering our dachshunds and their unconditional love for us. A place to acknowledge our unconditional love for our dogs, to remember the tail wags, sassy little trots, zoomies and cuddles!

Thank you for visiting the peaceful meadow, over the rainbow bridge, where the Rocky Mountain wild flowers grow, like starry-columbine, floppy yellow mules ears, sunflowers and simple paths and spots for digging abound, with spots for sunbathing snoozes. They would want you to know there’s room in your heart for another dachshund (or two). Because you’ll never forget them and they’ll never forget you.


Sammy was the happiest dachshund we’ve ever met. He loved everyone and everything, and always wanted to take care of sad or sick family members (one of his nicknames was “Mommy Sammy”). He was my inheritance from my Gramma – and lived to be a very old, but still very happy boy!
– Molly, UT


Grizzly went blind at 6 yrs old and lived to be 17! Oh, how he loved his naps in the sunshine! He taught me so much, his blindness was just part of his joyful life. I miss him every day!
– Chris, CA


Joey was 2nd doxie and my first adoption. He stole my heart and left me way too soon. I miss him so much. But bless him, I know he sent me my rescue Bandit, who just turned 11 yrs old!
– Chris, CA


Squirrely, a shelter rescue and Eric’s shadow, was gentle, loving, and had a fondness for treats! He passed away in 2016 at the age of about 17, marking our first beloved family dachshund. He will remain in our hearts forever.
– Eric & Suz, UT


Willy, (rescue foster-adopt) a black and tan mini dachshund, senior 🐾 was such a good boy and had the cutest playful streak! We miss you so much! Love you sweet boy, for always! Watch Willy’s remembrance video on youtube.
– Eric & Suz, UT


My foster from when I did that sort of thing for the DDRT crossed over on the 21st of February 2024. Spencer was a sweet little guy. He was around 15 when I was fostering him. So he was probably around 17 if not older.
- Jeff, CO


Marta brave, blind, sweet—was a good girl! Her human crossed the rainbow bridge first. Marta was not with us long when bone cancer appeared on her X-rays. She was such a sweet girl.
– Eric & Suz, UT


Sammy was a cherished black lab who brought boundless joy to his family with his loving personality. Adopted at age 6 and deeply loved until he passed at age 10, he was Emily's faithful shadow, bringing warmth to every corner of our lives. Sammy, we will love and miss you forever.
- Em & Taz, UT


Sweet little Maggie, a beautiful black and tan miniature dachshund, aged 15, lived in St. George. When her human crossed the rainbow bridge, Maggie found solace in RMDR where she received hospice care. Under the loving care of her foster mom Nancy, Maggie experienced a lifetime of love in her short time with RMDR. She leaves behind her foster sister Cherry, aged 17, and her devoted aunts Erica and Dana, whose support and love were invaluable. Maggie's time with RMDR was filled with warmth and affection, thanks to the kindness of those around her.
- Nancy & The RMDR Team


Sweet little Cherry lived to be a lively 18 years old. She lost her “person” (my mom) in 2021, but stayed around to help me navigate life without her. Becoming a foster sister to Kona and Bailey brought back her spunk and the twinkle in her eyes. Then she took upon the role of caretaker with little Maggie. Cherry was a joy and up for any adventure that came her way.
- Nancy, UT


Her love filled the room.
Her eyes melted your heart.
Her kisses were that of angels.
This was Lola

- Jeff, CO

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn't ever know we had.”
-- Thom Jones