You -Can- Foster a Dachshund

Foster Application

Yay! You’re Here! 

Let’s get started! There are homeless dachshunds and doxie-mixes in need of a foster home. Please fill out this form (below), and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss what is involved in being a foster at RMDR. We hope to talk to you soon!

Fosters may face challenges, but we have your back and get through them together. We work together to figure out what seems un-figure-out-able. You’re not alone at RMDR, we’re a community. If you have a question, many or our fosters and volunteers have experience with dachshunds, or maybe even grew up around them; we try to help each other out! We’re all here for the dogs. 


  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Loyal & Smart
  3. Patient Listener
  4. Small Dog-Big Heart
  5. Walking Buddy
  6. Fight Puppy Mills
  7. Your Own Bed Hog
  8. Bragging Rights
  9. Fun Personalities
  10. You’ll Save a Life
  11. Support from the RMDR Team (Assistance, Encouragement and Collaboration)
Foster Application
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Living Situation
If you live in an apartment, are dogs allowed? Are you willing to carry your foster dog up and down the stairs to go potty?
Do you have:
Select each that applies.
Immediate family living -with- you. (Dachshunds and small children may not always mix well. We can talk about this more during our conversation about fostering)
Does anyone living in the home smoke?
The AKC, FDA and VCA agree that cigarette smoke can affect dogs. The dogs around tobacco smoking have a greater risk for health problems.
Do they smoke inside or outside?
N/A or none if you don't have other pets.
Do you know how they are with male or female dogs? Puppies or senior dogs?
Are your pets (cats/dogs) up to date on vaccinations
For example: Rabies, DAPP, DHPP, Bordatella
Was this recommended by the dog's vetrinarian?
Do you understand why it's needed, and agree to a Home Check
The virtual home check is required. We need to review the setting the dog will be living in. For example a house with a yard, farm, fenced/no fence.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please upload up to 5 files of your home and backyard. Please show if you have baby gates at the stairs, ramps to furniture, things that make it easier for the foster dachshund.
Have you ever been cited by animal control or the police for an animal related issue?
Vet Name
Vet Address

Foster Dog

Your experience
Experience with sassy personalities, IVDD, grooming long hair dachshunds, barking, etc.
A bed to go to in a quiet space, an open kennel with a bed in it, a quiet space to sleep or choose to get out of the fray of things.
Potty training experience
Are you comfortable refreshing potty training with foster dogs? Do you have any help with giving the foster dog potty breaks?


How did you hear about us?
Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue is a Utah based 501(c)(3) non-profit serving the Rocky Mountain region.
Have you used Slack?
Slack is a messaging app (iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac) that RMDR uses to connect people to the information they need when volunteering.
Please include any questions you would like to cover when we call. Please check your phone settings to receive calls/texts from new people so we can contact you. Thank you for wanting to help the doxies!
Note: Hold Harmless Form
When you submit your application you will be directed to our Hold Harmless form. All of our fosters and volunteers are required to sign this.
Clear Signature
By signing here you agree that this is your legal digital signature. Thank you wanting to help dachshunds in need. We will contact you in the next few days.
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