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This is the last step in the adoption process for you and your dog(s). Your dog’s foster will arrange a time for you to pick up your new family member! Please read the Adoption Agreement below. You are agreeing to all of the terms within the contract including dog care, return-to-rescue, quality of life, adoption donation fee and more. When you’re ready to proceed, please fill out and submit the adoption contract form.

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The Adoption Fee for adopting your dog is listed below. Please bring your adoption fee with you when you arrange to pick up your new family member (this form is if you are paying by cash, cashier’s check or money order). We appreciate your generosity and helping the Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue to continue our work:

Adoption Agreement Terms
Every dachshund with Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue (RMDR) has a history that is unique to them of how and why they needed our help. We are dedicated to the continued health and happiness of these dogs, during their lifetime and by extension—you (and your family members) choose by adopting them to agree to, and are bound by this contract to provide your adopted dog the following:

Good Quality of Life
Love, patience and understanding that dachshunds bark, dig, and need to spend time with their people. You agree to reach out to us if you need help with the dachshund(s) you are adopting—we are not vets or behavioral specialists but we may have ideas that can help. Your dog, as a new family member and as a rescued dog, may need patience as they decompress and heal from past physical and emotional injury. They need your unconditional love, commitment and reasonable expectations of them.

Safety & Stable Environment
You agree to provide a stable environment where they will be free from fear. We recommend they have their own special space that they can choose to go to. You will not sell or gift the dog(s). Provide care for for their everyday back health by using baby gates to prevent stair access, and ramps or stairs for them to access furniture like sofas and beds (rather than jumping). If a back injury occurs seek veterinary care ASAP. In the event that you have a medical emergency or death you need to have arranged for the continued care of your dachshund(s).

They need regularly provided food (two times a day preferred and access to clean water. You will provide daily thoughtful care, veterinary care as needed including keeping them up to date on Rabies and DAPP vaccinations. You will help them live free of disease, pain and help heal any injuries. Train everyone in your home (children and adults) how to handle, interact with and properly lift a dachshund.

Legal Responsibility
You are 18 years or older. You must sign the RMDR Hold Harmless agreement to proceed with the adoption of your chosen dog(s). You agree to adhere to all local animal regulations in your neighborhood, city and state including limits on the number of pets at your address.

Home & Shelter
If you rent we require written or verbal approval from your landlord. You will provide the dog(s) with shelter from the elements and keep them comfortable. When you travel you will take the dog(s) with you, get a dog sitter around the clock or board the dog. The dog(s) will not be left at home alone. Crate time should be limited and their quality of life considered. Just because they have been crate trained doesn’t mean they want to live their life in a crate. Dachshunds are indoor dogs; pets who live with and as part of, the family. They should not be kept in the garage or outdoors. You will notify RMDR of a new address or phone number if/when you move. This assists us if your dog ever gets lost, and is why we ask you to keep their RMDR tag on their collar.

Spay & Neuter
RMDR dachshunds will be spayed or neutered before they are available for adoption. Exceptions to this will be based on vet recommendations and RMDR board approval. You agree to work with RMDR to have the dog spayed or neutered as soon as the vet says their health and age allow for it. Any dog who is not spayed or neutered may only be adopted to a home where the other dogs have been spayed or neutered. You promise and will uphold that the dog(s) you are adopting WILL NOT BE USED FOR: breeding, fighting, hunting, as a guard dog or for medical testing.

Family Life
You understand that this dachshund(s) is an indoor dog who needs access to go outside regularly to go potty and explore/exercise. Dachshunds like to cuddle with their families. You agree to spend time with them. When taking them for walks a harness is preferable a collar to avoid collapsing their trachea. Safely secure the dog when transporting, preferably with one of the following options: dog seat belt, backseat sling (to prevent them from falling off the back seat), crate. A dog seat belt is how you can keep them from getting on your lap when driving. These are preventative measures to prevent injury from car accidents, jumping, etc. Dachshunds due to their long backs and breeding are prone to back injuries and protecting their backs is necessary part of daily life.

You agree to teach children how to behave around dachshunds with respect. You understand that mishandling a dachshund can result in injury to the dog or children and will teach respectful interaction. The primary adopter assumes all risk associated with the dog including injury, damage, expenses.

Return to Rescue
You agree to return the dachshund(s) to RMDR if you are unable to continue the level of care described herein, and that you will work with RMDR to return the dachshund to our organization. You understand that we are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and will need assistance arranging for the transportation of the dog if outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seek Veterinary or Behaviorist Care
You will seek assistance, in a timely manner, if medical, dental or behavioral issues arise; this includes vet recommended surgery and emergency visits. You agree to request pain medicine for all medical procedures.

Leash & ID
The dog(s) will be leashed, preferably using a harness, when outside of the home, going for walks. They will not be allowed to roam free. All RMDR dog(s) have microchips and the number and tracking services name can be found on their adoption certificate. Please call the microchip tracking service to update the contact information to your name and phone number.

Adoption Fee
The RMDR adoption fee is mainly used to pay for vet bills, behavioral training assistance charges associated with the dogs who are surrendered to our organization. The fee also helps us operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Puppies thru 1 yr: $600.00
Young Dog 2 thru 7 yr: $500.00
Adult Dog 8 thru 11 yr: $300.00
Senior Dog: 12+ $250.00
Bonded Pair Puppies thru: 7 yr $650.00
Bonded Pair: 8+ yr $400.00
*Special Needs: $150.00

*Special Needs means considerable medical or other issues for the dog.

This agreement supersedes all prior discussions, representations, warranties, and agreements of the parties, and expresses the entire agreement between the Primary Adopter and RMDR regarding the matters described above. This agreement may be amended only by a written instrument signed by both the Primary Adopter and RMDR.

Primary Adopter acknowledges that they have, at the time of adoption, received:

Medical Records (before surrender, if avaiable and while with RMDR)
List of medications dog is currently taking
Pre-existing conditions
Microchip ID Number and Service Name
RMDR ID Tag Number

Adoption Contract
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Adoption Fee
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