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Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dachshund rescue based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We help dachshunds and doxie-mixes in our community and neighboring Rocky Mountain states. We are entirely staffed by unpaid volunteers and strive to respond to you promptly. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

(801) 432-0785

RMDR 24-hour phone (Voicemail or Text Only) or leave a message using the contact form below.

The FAQ on this page answers common questions we receive.

RMDR Boscoe, piebald dachshund
RMDR Boscoe, piebald dachshund
Frequently Asked Questions
Have you found a lost dog?

If you’ve found a lost dog, here are some steps you can take to help reunite the dog with its owner:

  • Check for Identification: Look for tags or a collar. Tags may have the owner’s contact information.
  • Scan for a Microchip: If no visible ID, take the dog to a vet or shelter to scan for a microchip containing owner details.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Use lost and found pet websites, social media, and community forums to spread the word. Include a photo, brief description, location found, and your contact info.
  • Notify Animal Control and Shelters: Inform local authorities and shelters with a description of the found dog.
  • Provide Temporary Care: Offer food, water, and shelter while searching for the owner. Keep separated from other pets until assured of safety.
  • Follow Legal Requirements: Adhere to local laws for reporting and caring for lost pets.
  • Stay Patient and Compassionate: Your efforts can significantly aid in reuniting the lost dog with its owner.
I have questions about a dog listed on your website or Facebook page.

The best way to proceed is by filling out an adoption application for the specific dog you’re interested in. While we do receive and review applications in the order they are received, our primary goal is to find the best possible match for each dog based on their individual needs and the suitability of the applicant’s home environment. Completing an adoption application helps us assess your suitability as a potential adopter and allows us to provide you with more information about the dog you’re interested in. Thank you for your interest in our rescue dogs!

What dogs do you rescue or take in as surrenders?

Being a “dachshund and doxie mix-based rescue” means that the primary focus of Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue is on rescuing and caring for dachshunds (also known as “doxies”) as well as dachshund mixes.

How can I volunteer with RMDR?

Begin by visiting RMDR’s website. Our organization has a dedicated section where you can fill out an application to volunteer or foster. We look forward to speaking with you about volunteering opportunities.

What is your address?

Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue is a home-based foster organization. We do not have a physical building. We operate primarily through a network of volunteer foster homes rather than a central facility. Our foster volunteers open their homes and hearts to provide a safe and nurturing environment for dachshunds in need. In this way, homeless dachshunds are placed in temporary foster homes where they receive care, socialization, and sometimes training until they are adopted into permanent homes.

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“RMDR has been amazing to work with! I was able to find my new dachshund family member, Hercules, through them. The volunteers are all helpful and kind. It’s obvious they are happy matching rescued dachshunds with their perfect family. If you’re thinking about adopting a dachshund into your family, make sure you check out Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue!”
-- Renée Burns

Group of dachshunds with one sliding in late.