Help and Support

Ways To Give
Ducky and Amber during her surrender

Join our community and help support these little doxie friends on their very big, life changing journeys to the love and security of their forever families.

Top 10 Ways You Can Help

1. Make memorial (a.k.a. tribute) gifts.
Make a gift in honor of someone you love, including a pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge. We will be happy to add a photo of your loved one to our Rainbow Bridge page.

2. Estate planning.
By leaving a legacy gift to Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue through your will or trust, you become a lasting part of the rescue’s mission. Your generous contribution will be instrumental in providing the necessary services for dachshunds in need, both now and in the future. Your commitment to supporting these beloved animals will leave a lasting impact, contributing to the well-being and care of dachshunds for years to come.

3. Become a sponsor.
Please consider being a sponsor of the rescue or of a specific dachshund with the rescue. This is a great option for businesses to sustain our work going forward. Also if you feel a connection to one of the dogs at the rescue you can insure their vet bills are covered and get updates on their progress. Please contact us to start your sponsorship.

4. Start a fundraiser.
An example of this is the “Create a Nonprofit Fundraiser on Facebook” opportunity to accept donations for a charity on your birthday. We would love for you to choose Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue, but if not us we hope you will support another non-profit. Come out to support us at one of our fundraising or community events.

5. Workplace giving plan.
Companies match employee donations to nonprofits. This is an easy way for an employee to have their donation make twice the impact. Please check with your human resources (HR) or your benefits representative to see if your employer offers a donation matching program.

6. Make doxie dreams come true.
Visit our Chewy wish list, or contact us to donate to a specific dog you’ve seen on our website or social media. Many dachshunds come to us (especially from the shelter) with nothing. The dogs seem to take a lot of comfort in the fuzzy donut shaped beds.

7. Get involved.
Another way to help is to join our efforts from a non-monetary place–giving your time and expertise to help us operate the rescue. Sign up to volunteer or contact us if you have questions.

8. Help a dog in your home.
Think about becoming a temporary foster or permanent foster. (Temporary fosters cover when the permanent foster travels or when a new dog needs help and we’re working to find their permanent foster. A permanent foster it the dogs family who take them to vet appointments and give them love until the day they’re adopted by their forever family. Saying goodbye when they’re adopted can be difficult, but this is an act of irreplaceable service to the dogs in need. Fill out the foster application.

9. Adopt a rescued dachshund.
Ready to add a doxie to your family? Instead of getting a dog from the pet store or breeder please consider adopting a rescued dachshund to help reduce the consumer cycle and breeding. The dogs who come through the rescue are updated on their vaccinations, visit the vet for a well check up, spayed/neutered, receive a microchip and given a dental or follow up visits as recommended by their vet.

10. Mail donations to:
Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue
1953 S 1100 East, Unit 522461
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue is run 100% by unpaid volunteers. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN: 88-3314809, founded in Utah in 2022. Our financial records are transparent. If you have questions call us at (801) 432-0785‬ or contact us. ❤️ -YOU- can help these special homeless dachshunds (and doxie mixes) find their forever family. 🐾