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Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue (RMDR), a dachshund rescue in Utah, couldn’t be more excited about our adopted dachshund friends finding their forever families in Utah–and our neighboring Rocky Mountain states! All of the dogs listed here have had their medical records reviewed, vaccinations brought current, wellness vet checks, and follow up appointments when needed for spay, neuter and dentals (for example). The dogs on this page have been adopted by their forever families!

Our founding team, fosters, and volunteers are hard at work helping the dachshunds who come to the Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue! Together our team helps ensure the dachshunds are cared for in-home, keeping them out of animal shelters. If you are hoping to adopt a rescued dachshund, or dachshund mix dog, please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates! We post photos and information about the dogs who are available for adoption. We strive to be as transparent as possible if they have any struggles or need additional training!

Rescued dachshunds come from many situations and for many reasons like when living situations change and animals aren’t allowed, divorce, owner illness or death. Doxies are special dogs and senior dachshunds are special favorites with many families for their sweet and mellow dispositions. Our mission is to help dachshunds needing a new home get the care they require and find loving forever families.

Helping dachshunds strikes a chord with many people. Adopting a dog in need and giving them a happy life is something many of us feel we “can do” to make a difference in the world. As for Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue dogs? These are their happy “Get-a-long, little doggie” stories! All of the dogs listed here have been adopted


Max is a mellow and sweet boy who came to RMDR when his mom and dad (owners) moved to assisted living. He loves his best friend Moritz, his green tennis ball and cozy naps.

❤️ Standard dachshund, long hair, black and tan. Bonded Pair: See Moritz


Confident boy Moritz, bonded to his BFF Max came to RMDR when his mom and dad moved to assisted living. He loves Max, playing in water and digging in the garden!

❤️ Standard dachshund, long hair, curls, creme. Bonded Pair: See Max


Chewy joined RMDR when his mom was evicted for having a dog. He is the most fun, loving, almost perfect dog ever. He loves everyone.

He loves children especially he loves to sleep with his people and especially loves to play with his four-legged friends.

❤️ Chiweenie, tan, short hair


Matix came to RMDR with Peter when his mom was going through significant life changes. Loves naps, his favorite toy bunny and his BFF Peter.

❤️ Standard dachshund, long hair, chocolate brown. Bonded Pair: See Peter


Peter and Matix are BFFs! The boys were surrendered due to life changes their mom was going through. Peter recovered from IVDD before coming to RMDR. He healed well and now his forever family has his back.

❤️ Standard dachshund, cream, white markings. Bonded Pair: See Matix


Little Dallas came to us as a puppy. His family had young children and it turned out this wasn't a good fit. His forever family has older kids which has worked out great!

❤️ Aussie Doxie (Dachshund/Australian Cattle dog mix) black tan and white


Sissy arrived at RMDR as a puppy. She was surrendered because she wasn't being a good neighbor--she was eating their chickens. Now living with her forever family where there's no "fowl" play.

❤️ About: dachshund mix 29% Boxer... 4% dachshund, short hair, brown


Oscar's family surrendered him after it was clear their toddler wasn't a good match for their old friend (who also struggled with stairs). His forever dad built him ramps before he arrived.

❤️ Senior dachshund mix, short hair, black and white, living his pawsitively best retired life


A puppy came to RMDR after he had been given as a Christmas gift. At 8 weeks old he was barely old enough to leave his dam. Adopted, now Walter, he grew up tall! DNA test: 51% dachshund.

❤️ About: dachshund mix, short hair, black and tan, Leonard’s brother, K9 Petroglyph Explorers Club


Laney came to RMDR when her owners couldn't keep her due to their living arrangements. Laney captured our hearts. She would swim when she was rinsed off in the shower after a bath. Very cute girl.

❤️ About: Dachshund mix, red-brown with white markings, long hair



❤️ About: Senior dachshund, mini, red/brown - frosty face, Bonded Pair: See Sally



❤️ About: Senior dachshund, mini, brown/red, Bonded Pair: See Charlie


Charlie and her brother Sammy (their foster didn't think they were bonded) came to RMDR when their owner was very ill and going on to hospice care. Charlie is a good girl with a solid side eye to tell you how she's feeling, fur real.

❤️ About: Senior Chiweenie, short hair, black and white


Sammy (Charlie's brother, foster didn't think they were bonded) came to RMDR when his mom was ill and going on hospice. This little guy packs a big personality! The chihuahua is strong with this one.

❤️ About: Senior chiweenie, blonde


Manny came to RMDR as a puppy when his mom and dad were unable to help him with his seperation anxiety--they believed he had come from a puppy mill to the pet store, and may have been taken from his mom too soon.

❤️ Dachshund, long hair, black and tan with white marking


Kona and his brother Bailey came to RMDR when their dad, who had cancer, went on hospice. Their dad adopted them from the Humane Society. Kona likes to crunch vegetables, explore the yard and hang out with Bailey.

❤️ About: Senior chiweenie, dark brown and tan Bonded Pair: See Bailey


Bailey came to us with his brother Kona when their dad went on hospice for cancer. A very sensitive boy, he's allergic to grass but he enjoyed walks around the neighborhood and in a dog stroller, he even tried the treadmill.

❤️ Senior chiweenie, short hair, tan, Bonded Pair: See Kona


Rosebud came to RMDR when the city told her family they needed to have fewer dogs. Rosebud loves to run around the yard and is very quick! She also loves to cuddle and is a very dear pup. We will love her furever!

❤️ Doxie-pin (dachshund/min pinscher mix), short hair, red

Mister B

Mister B came to us when his owner couldn't keep him due to housing restrictions, and due to affordibility of pet care--he was having trouble with his paw. His forever family continued caring for his paw and he's a happy boy!

❤️ About: Standard dachshund, short hair, brown


Maya's family (dad and mom) passed away so neighbors called RMDR. This cute girl found her chosen forever home and has bonded with her mom and BFF pitbull. Maya likes to snuggle! The snuggle is real!

❤️ About: dachshund, short hair, black and tan


Lilly came to RMDR when her dad and mom passed away. She had a serious thyroid problem and an uncomfortable amount of weight to deal with. Her foster gave her a loving home; walks, vet visits, helping her feel so much better!

❤️ About: dachshund, short hair, red

Lilly, long hair dachshund

10-year-old Lilly came to RMDR after her owner passed away. Her foster family made sure she had the vet visits she needed. She has bonded with her new dog-sibling who howls when she goes to the vet without him. They are a pawsitively cute pair!

❤️ About: Dachshund, long hair, red

Sasha, chiweenie

Sasha came to us from the shelter. She had a long road to recovery. Given her health, tumors, etc. it is possible she was used for breeding or as a wet nurse. Her new mom has given her a place to rest her weary tail and be spoiled!

❤️ About: Senior chiweenie, frosty faced black and tan, white markings


Buddy arrived at RMDR when his foster joined our team. He was a stray and they were dealing with raging ear infections in both ears making him very sensitive. Now he is living a cozy home life with his new mom and dad with his own backyard to explore!

❤️ About: Chiweenie, black and tan


Pixie was abandoned in Park City with a few St Charles Spaniels. This sweet girl went to a foster in Salt Lake City. After her vet visits were completed she was adopted and has. anew mom.

❤️ About: Dachshund, black

Gus, black and tan dachshund

Gus was surrendered by his vet who had been asked. to euthenize him, but was able to take custody of him instead. He had a mild back injury and. a wobble to his walk. His foster helped him with rest, healing and he was soon back on his paws!

❤️ About: Dachshund, black and tan


Blueie was still a puppy when he came to RMDR. Striking fur patterns (dapple/merle)


❤️ About:


Hercules had been listed on Craigslist and a friend of the rescue pointed him out. His owner had passed away and a neighbor was looking for a new home for him. After Herc's vet visits he was adopted and has a doxie brother and they get along like peas and carrots!

❤️ About: Schnoxie, dachshund mix, wire hair


Gage's family couldn't keep him due to life changes. After his foster made sure he had his vet visits, he was adopted. This senior boy has his own brother and is enjoying loving his new family!

❤️ About: Chiweenie, merle/dapple, grey and black


Gus came to us when he wasn't getting along with his family's grandchildren. He was already in good health and a good boy so he was adopted quickly. He settled right in with his new mom and dad and senior dog sibling!

❤️ About: dachshund, silk haired, cream


Maggie joined RMDR when her dad passed away. Her aunts found RMDR and are sponsoring her vet bills. The vet and her foster are ensuring her quality of life. Maggie is up for short walks, cuddling in blankets, and food.

❤️ About: Senior dachshund, black tan (forever foster/hospice)


Stella came to RMDR at 3 years-old, when her mom became seriously ill. Stella had a back injury and needed to be carried up and down the stairs, which her mom could no longer do. Stella's mom absolutely loved her and this was a difficult decision.

❤️ About: Dachshund, black and cream

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