🐾 Meet #964 – Some of you may have seen dog #964, a female, piebald, short-haired dachshund, intact, with a large tumor, listed on the NUVAS website. We are one of the rescues who work with that shelter. #964 was on hold with the shelter until this morning when her behavior was accessed and the shelter completed their processes and released her to us.

From what we understand, a good Samaritan found her in Provo Canyon, inside a box that was taped closed. 💔 So grateful someone found her and took action to get her to the shelter! Grateful also to NUVAS for taking her in and for working with us to help her! It turned out Moxie was microchipped and the point of contact was reached. They told the shelter that she had been rehomed, and she remained at the shelter.

Instead of #964 she seems to be responding to Moxie with the add on of Baby. Moxie-Baby for the moment is what we’re rolling with–for short. (more on her name later)

Anne, her temporary foster, updated Moxie’s vaccinations today. Tomorrow, Moxie is seeing the vet for a check-up and to address the large mass on her lower belly, likely a mammary tumor. ❤️‍🩹 It’s causing discomfort, making it hard for her to walk without scraping her belly, resulting in cuts from just a few trips outside to go potty. She seems to have fear-based anxiety–We get it, “ya think?!?” Being abandoned in a cardboard box that is taped closed would do that to most of us living creatures.

💙 If you or someone you know are in a situation where you don’t know what to do with a dog. There are always alternatives. Call a vets office or the city shelter, rescues can help provide information and help.

We’re wondering if she was bred because she’s intact and seems to have a mammary tumor. Her right paw seems to be injured but not causing a limp. She likely has periodontal disease and her nails are overgrown into her paw pads. She’s around 10 years old and very friendly with humans, especially if approached patiently. She’s house-trained, a bit timid around dogs but loves human attention. Moxie enjoys sitting on laps, cuddling, getting head scratches, and is very motivated by treats.

About her “Nickname”: She received her temporary(?) RMDR nickname because we couldn’t continue calling her #964–and this brave little dog needed a name! We eventually came around to “Moxie Coconut Maude-Mallow the Dear”–Moxie: courage, Coconut Maude-Mallow: (coconut marshmallow a nod to her beautiful piebald coat) and Maude: powerful battler. And the Dear? Because she is.


💙 Please stay with us and we will share updates about little Moxie as she continues her journey.

If you want to donate to help us pay for her vet bills and surger(ies) we would appreciate the help. 100% of donations go to help the dogs, our rescue is run 100% by unpaid volunteers.  https://rockymountaindachshundrescue.com/donate/