Best Friends Have Frosty Faces, Senior Dachshunds

Our sleepy, frosty-faced senior dachshunds are cherished friends among adopters. They are more mellow than younger dachshunds, and oftentimes very sweet and snuggly. They are still fans of small cookies and treats, good food, and they take their vitamins like the champs they are, and what’s more, is they are extremely lovable friends.

Little, 15-year-old, black and tan dachshund, Maggie joined Rocky Mountain Dachshund Rescue when her owner was put on hospice (he passed away shortly after). We know she misses her best friend-human and her fosters have been helping her feel at home; with love, blankets, balls and the occasional pup cups.

Senior dachshunds like all of the dachshunds who come through our rescue get a well dog check up at the vet, plus a little extra necessary care. This often includes a senior blood panel to make sure they’re healthy or to treat any underlying concerns. And our gray frosted friends usually have a dachshund dental visit. While going to the vet to have their teeth checked during their yearly visit is wonderful, not all of the dogs we rescue have been so lucky. The dentals for older dachshunds sometimes results in multiple extractions, oronasal fistulas, periodontal disease and which is never fun, but can improve their health–if they had any abscessed teeth or infections for example.

As with all dachshunds providing them ramps to the couch or on stairs wherever possible or carrying them (back side and chest, to support their back) can help with their back health.

These little seniors who have been surrendered may be sad to be without their family whether it was their owner crossing the rainbow bridge before them, or so many other reasons life can bring. Unconditional love and continued friendship and understanding can help. If more help is needed a dog behaviorist can step in with advice.

Older dachshunds can be sleepyheads, but they are very sweet and we wouldn’t trade them for anything! Little Maggie, an orphan at 15, is staying with her forever foster, Nancy.

Willy. a senior, black and tan dachshund
Maggie Senior Dachshund, black and tan in blankets
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