Suzanne Nikolaisen, RMDR President

Schatze a short hair, red dachshund with her person Suzanne Nikolaisen, RMDR President

A fan of doggo-lingo and baking homemade treats for her dogs, Suzanne, her husband Eric, and their daughter, adopted their first dachshund from a shelter during the 90’s (Squirrely). Since 2019 Suzanne and Eric have fostered a kaboodle of dachshunds in Salt Lake City, Utah. They foster-failed with a sweet short-haired, red dachshund (Schatze) and a short-haired, black & tan, senior dachshund (Willy). They adopted their shi-chi (Boomer) from the Humane Society.

Suzanne spent 2+ decades in a career focused on web design and marketing. In 2018 she graduated with honors; retraining as an illustrator. She now freelances, draws custom dog portraits, and produces a podcast. She has 3 grand-pups (each a sweet rescued pup.)