Kona and Bailey dachshunds

Kona & Bailey Are a Bonded Pair

KONA (dachshund, brown and tan, widows peak)

Kona is a beautiful boy who doesn’t need toys or special blankets, but he needs to love and to be loved. He likes hanging out in dog beds, but he prefers your lap. Kona thinks he was born a lap dog. During winter he’s all about comforters (in his dog beds) and in the summer he needs to be in front of a fan or the air conditioner, but don’t be fooled, he would give up his creature comforts to be able to sit with you. You want to just love this beautiful boy! He gets a little fearful of rain, snow, thunder and the dark–this is when he especially needs Bailey. Kona is partially potty trained. Love is everything to him.

BAILEY (dachshund, brown and tan)

Bailey is a quirky little guy! When he looks at you with his sweet eyes, you’re hooked and love him.He is always on the move (like ADD) and it is  rare for him to be in one spot and quiet (even in his sleep). His foster believes Bailey loves to hear himself… talk (bark)–while sitting at the top of the dog ramp… while walking the perimeter he squeaks his ball… and he purrs when you pet his tummy. He has a teddy bear that he brought with him that he loves! He takes teddy with him outside, inside, rinse and repeat. Bailey has bad dreams and will fall off the dog bed and immediately needs Kona. Bailey is allergic to grass and is pee pad trained (and will poop right next to the pad–always. He is doing his best! TP pick-up/flush and sanitizing wipes makes cleanup quick and easy). 

Kona and Bailey are brothers (littermates) and the textbook definition of a bonded pair! These two love each other and you will find them looking for each other. They sit together on a dog bed or pillow, or in the sun. They get along with every human they’ve met and bark at the birds, squirrels, cats and raccoons. Neither of the boys like to go for walks much and they both come home itchy and scratching. The boys lost their family/owner to cancer earlier this year.  They are smart, loving, sweet and just want to please. 

Both boys love their fruit and veggie snacks. Little bits once in a while. Kona has a hard time with new food. Both Kona and Bailey take care of their foster-sister a blind 17 year old dachshund and they have learned to stay out of the kitchen when I’m cooking–good boys!