Frederick, dachshund mix

Meet Freddie 2-yr Old Dachshund Mix

Frederick, dachshund-mix

He is being fostered in Utah. Freddie gets along great with his 2 foster dog-siblings, large and small size dogs. He gets the zoomies and plays. Freddie enjoys snuggling on the couch, preferably under a large blanket, close to his humans. He picks his person and is an absolute love, and is slower to warm up to others.

Freddie, strawberry-blonde doxie-mix sleeping

*Freddie came to us from the dog shelter where he had been picked up as a stray. He had mats in his hair, and no name, just a number from the shelter. As with all rescued dachshunds we have no idea what his history was, or how long he was a stray.

He has been reactive and anxious, which he specifically went to visit the vet about recently. His vet put him on a prescription medicine to help ease his anxiety, and asked us to get him into training. The vet does not believe Freddie will need to be on this medicine for life, and that training will help him. This said his forever family needs to know he is a special needs little guy that will need to continue his training after being adopted and will need reinforcement and training going forward. Contact us if you have questions.

Frederick, doxie-mix