Boscoe piebald dachshund

Boscoe is not available yet. The sweetest little pup (9 1/2 years old, male, piebald dachshund) that loves snuggles and being right by your side. He enjoys a good walk around the park or neighborhood, play time with a squeaky toy, car rides, or nap in a pile of blankets. He does well around other dogs and cats, never shows aggression.

He does get pretty anxious in a new/unfamiliar environment, like the vet. He is currently prescribed anxiety medication to help manage, this is his only medication he takes. He is a bit of a picky eater, only wanting to eat wet food, avoiding dry kibble; hopefully after he gets dental work done he’ll be interested in eating other types of food to diversify his diet.

Would be great with someone that works from home or that’s not away for long. Someone that can play with him and keep him active and give plenty of love he will surely reciprocate.More information coming soon.